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Let’s get… Crazy!バカ… になろう! 「Crazy」(ばか)」ってかっこいい英語でなんて言うか習いましょう When I was a kid, I did a lot of crazy things. I climbed up trees. I fell out of trees. One time I got stuck in a tree. I caught snakes with my bare hands. When I was eight I even shot the tip of my own finger with

「 など 」、「 とか 」はかっこいい英語で何っていう? – ネイティブから例文のまとめで習おう

And stuff 変化: ‘n stuff, and stuff like that など、とか       Examples例文   A: What’s Book Off?ブックオフって何?B: Oh, it’s a used book shop. They sell old books and manga and stuff like that.あの、リサイクルの本屋さんだよ。 古い本とかマンガとか売っている。     A: Where you going?どこ行く?B: I have to go to the store and get some bread ‘n stuff.お店に行ってパンとか買わなあかん。     A: Do you know

ネイティブからかっこいい英語の「 Like 」(好き)の3つの言い方のまとめ

「Like」(好き)とそのかっこいい英語の変化を習いましょう   How often do you say “like” when you’re speaking English? Probably a lot, right?. It’s one of the most common words you hear. But aren’t you getting a little bored with it? Lucky for you, there are a ton of other ways to say you like something in English. And, lucky for you,

「 Goodbye 」(さようなら)のネイティブからかっこいい英語の言い方のまとめ11選

英語の「Goodbye」(さようなら)のかっこいい言い方を習いましょう   There are lots of ways to say goodbye in English. Some are cool and casual, some are a bit formal. But this is cool English, so we won’t spend much time on the formal ones. Below are some dialogues that show you how to say goodbye, and how to announce you are leaving,


英語の「Many」(たくさん)のかっこいい言い方を習いましょう   There are a ton of ways to say “many” in English. But… not all of them are cool. Some of them are old, others just never caught on. But don’t worry. Just come with me, and I’ll show you some of the coolest ways you can express this very useful idea when you’re